I found out how my babies went all night, occasionally, with a wet diaper, you guys! It CAN be done.

My hubby has been such a trooper with my surgery recovery πŸ’™ but I can tell he’s getting tired.

He can sleep anywhere and almost instantly.


He’s relies on that. If he doesn’t get regular sleep…bad juju.

Whereas I am used to interrupted sleep or no sleep. So I am a lot nicer at 2am.

Guess who our kids bug at night?

Job security

Anyway, I knew I needed help at about midnight. But hubby had already changed my depends four times last night. Ugh. And he was snoring so peacefully!

Serious REM situation.

I could not bare to mess with him. ❀

So I just tried to stay on my potty pad and out of the stream (no pun intended) of the air conditioner and I found a dry corner of the blanket…and next thing I know, it’s 730 am and he is up whistling and doing chores! (#laundry!)



Worth it.

Acceptable losses

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