R.E.S.P.E.C.T. 💐

Sometimes the message we receive as women from the Bible can get garbled by our stuff.

Just “shut up and forgive him” is not healthy or what God was after; do you agree?

I don’t know everything, and I respect your journey, dear reader…but what God has been helping me to reframe is how I view sexual dysfunction and betrayal and trauma.

I think we need some power and ownership, don’t you think? Esp as abuse survivors. There needs to be consequences and boundaries. #healthychange

When my first husband left, I had to get some sass on and make my own choices as a good daughter of Sarah.

Do what is right and don’t give way to fear.

Like with my man, if he’s going to be self-serving and play video games all day or eat junk and deny himself sleep, that’s tough. Im doing what is right and not giving way to fear. I’m not in charge of his choices. (And he knows I’m outahere if he treats me ridiculously bad)




There’s a space for giving those things to yourself, don’t you think?

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