crunch time

This verse in Ps 18 sure strikes home for me and hubby this morning. We were just talking about how gas and food prices are going up. Result: low income peoples have to get creative.

I can’t supplement us with gardening and canning now because of getting sick.

We already went solar before i got sick. That helps with power bills.

Electric vehicles are out of reach financially. They are great, and I bless the folks who can use them.

It’s lots of pressure for my hubby. He’s already maxed out physically. Sick wife. Dismal prognosis. Only bread winner.

We need Jesus and that’s a fact.

Plan‽ Trust Jesus and pray a lot and stay home.

I told God I definitely want a beach front place with a big garden and chickens and cows if it’s allowed in heaven where I will have my energy back.

Looking forward. 💐

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