This trial is getting looong!!  Ten years of getting sicker and sicker. MS And heart condition and prodigal children and finances crunching because I can’t help.

(Hold on. Not all negative….enough of that out there: am I right?)

I’m going to reboot. #overcomeevilwithgood

And now I broke my leg and im stuck in bed for six weeks!  Aaaaahhhh  !
I’m having blog problems  and that was a life line to me.  (Money.)
I have a schlerosis on my right optic nerve so Youversion is incredible with it reading to me and all.

Ok stop it Jennifer. Reboot!

Reboot my ❤

rant over

💐 🌹 🌸 🏵 🌼 💐 🌹 🌸 🏵 🌼 💐 🌹 🌸 🏵 🌼

reboot my ❤
1. The apostle Paul was in a prison a lot worse than mine, with nothing to do but write.  Jesus got him through,  and still made his life meaningful.
2.  I still have flowers which mean a lot to me.  God made those just to be nice!  He could have made them all puce and smelling like cow poo. ( I think one kind of tropical flower does smell like that.)
3.  Edelweiss.   Do you know it only grows in places that are cold and high and inhospitable?   That’s cool.
4.  I have the Holy Spirit to help me 24/7 and never ever leave me,  which I would not want to live without
5.  I can go to church online nowadays  and have stories read to me.  That is wonderful.   75 years ago you had to have someone to read to you. Or lump it.
6.  My blog stuff will get worked out.  God never wastes a hurt right? (God I need cash 💸 btw. 172$ for a year)
7.  I made a good choice on my man, he is so faithful.    Im glad we didn’t get a divorce when we hated each other’s guts for two years there in about 2004.  We’re best friends— now.
8.  I have two really good neighbors who visit me once a week.  I love that.
9.  I have a few really good people who care about me.   I’m thankful.
10.  Jesus. Who sees me.  He can do ANYTHING.

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