Oh. My. Socks. You guys! 

I’m doing okay with this!!

I was discouraged. Sad and depressed yesterday.  

Me and the Holy Spirit  have been teaching me to go. To. the. Bible. Instead. of. Word. Chums and Audible. (when I’m freaked out )

I am slowly changing  to become more like Jesus.  Just as you guys are too. 

It’s a long uphill battle, but I believe we will finally win by the power of Jesus’ blood and the word of our testimony, dang it! 

Hubby and I went to the DMV to get my handicap ♿ parking permit and state ID.  I formally surrendered my drivers license:

A person’s driver’s license is such a Mark of adulthood and rite of passage in this country!  There were kids there to take their test and proudly pose for their picture…..and I was there to surrender my driving privileges.  

I need to blog this.  I am not the only one.  Other folks are struggling with autoimmune disease and heart problems and unlookedforandmostunwelcomechanges too. 

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