Flashback nightmare recovery

It. Worked! yayrah!

I was having one of my regular flashback nightmares, and I heard myself whimpering (sorry if I just triggered you dears. Jesus, bring peace right now.)

The shame. The horror. The inevitability! (That’s the hardest part, don’t you think? I have no choice. I know how this has to go. Ugh!)

Battle. Fatigue.

Jesus help us. We need peace.

At the time of the experience, there was nothing to do except to submit, to “go away” in my mind. I was unprepared. Green. Untrained. Caught unawares. Options were nonexistent. (SRA and DID, remember? ) That was half of the horror of it. I know how this has to turn out.

I’ve been praying for help. Working. Memorizing. Repeating my verses until they’re ground in to my spiritual muscles.


I wanted to be able to say my verses in the thick of it– In my dreams. This time I finally did it!!!! (Well…me an’ the Holy Spirit.)

I did it! Right there in my semi-oreven.un-conscious state!

Y. E. S. !!!


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