Fathers day is hard for many people. I mean, right?

Parenting is a learned skill. Early modeling.

It’s mostly knee-jerk stuff. You know, it’s like your reflexes. Before you know it and almost without your permission…you’ve parented just like you were parented.

And that can either be really good, or really tragic.

That’s why it’s so hard to change. Why great men can often be painful dads. Look at King David, Billy Graham, and Moses.

God gets this. That’s why He kind of re-parented Moses. “This is the kind of dad I am and I can prove it: “

Good Dad

I want to have mercy on my dad, on myself, on other parents who fail to live up to everything they want to be when they , too, first hold their newborn in their arms. Nobody wants to be a bad parent. We all want to be the best for that little person who is counting on us. Right? ❤

I release all that. Let it go. God’s mercy is enough to cover it. Let’s all give ourselves a break: give our dads a break: we’ve all suffered enough over this stuff for cryin out loud. Just let it go to God. Be free.

Be good to yourself on this hard day, my friend.

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