war 🔥

God.  You are worthy ❤ thank You for the good and the bad things in my life.

You are bigger than the conflicts in the middle east or our marriages or within our bodies #autoimmunedisease #cancer or our country. 

We were born in and for war.  But our fight is not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers and spiritual forces of wickedness in high places.

We make war in the heavenlies in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth God come in the flesh.

Defeat the strongman of the McCoy curse, God.  I ask for mercy and love and peace and life to overcome hatred murder addiction and slavery in the heavenlies. 

I bend before I break.  Come Holy Spirit.  Burn like a 🔥
Sexual addiction
Sexual trafficking
Internet Pornography
Racial strife
Domestic violence
Hatred jealousy covetousness murder
I repent for my family system and all. Of its victims
Oh yeah. And all addictions.   Gambling.  Alcohol.  Drugs. Pornography.   Shopping.  Food. 

Forgive us for loving pleasure more than Right and Good and Truth. Romans 1

Give me one way to make a difference today. 🌎

Show me what it is and help me to put aside my own stuff and do it. ❤ 🔥 ❤

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