My hubby throws himself around in the bed when he turns over

It used to freak me out.

I decided to just sit in it this time: and I learned something new!

My dad was a rageaholic. He would lay in bed and stew about things, then erupt into sudden motion, turning his body over onto his other side.

When questioned about this strange behavior, he would focus his bug-eyed, angry glare on the questioner, and proceed to vehemently deny that anything was out of the ordinary.

We learned not to ask.

It was better to just be invisible.

(—-major aha moment. A bunch of stuff just got explained in my head. I need a moment with this.)


That’s why I get inexplicably and suddenly angry when people interrupt me! I’ve always wondered about that. Whoa further reflection needed.

Okay.  I’m back now.


I have decided to reframe it. Next time hubby turns over in bed…I’m going to thank my Father, Jesus, and the mysteriously invisible Holy Spirit ~~~~~~(🙏 whoa…’nother aha moment…… maybe it’s not always bad not to draw attention to myself. Maybe it’s a choice I can make. )

~~~~~~going to thank them for the opportunity

To be different from my upbringing.

To beat the odds.

To forgive and set myself free.

To use a particular habit my husband has to remind me of these good things, instead of freaking out about my crappy childhood.

To Reframe it.

‘Weve all suffered enough by now, for cryin’outloud. ‘ –Beth moore


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