The Best. K T C.

Kindness thrift and common sense. #pioneerspirit

I have been hard on my family. My family system has perpetrated and perpetuated great evil. Some of my people have done great evil. Especially my great grandfather McCoy.

God have mercy. Selah.

That’s a fact.

However…I want to add a little BALANCE.

I just woke up from a dream about my family (hold on a minute)

maybe I should not say that–gonna freak. people. out.


I think God showed me that I need to add balance to my words about my family. (The McCoy’s and the Dodsons.) It’s like this: mostly they were good people– doin’ the best they could with what they had——And it wasn’t that great in the raw material department, lemmetellya. Right?

The family system itself was overtaken by great evil.

But not the people –they were kind of just like sheep without a shepherd you know?

Counseling. Nonalcoholic support groups. Celebrate Recovery. These are from my generation.

My parents. My grandparents. My great grandparents. They did not have the same access to these things. It’s easier for me. I stand on the shoulders of my ancestors, ya know?

I honor the redneck ways of my people.

glorious absence of sophistication

Thats what Jeff Dunham calls it.

Make do

That’s what my mom called it

Use it up make it last and find clever solutions

That’s what I call it

Just sayin’.

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