Lil’ heavy

I’ve been doing some intense stuff in my blog.

Time for one of my little lists, ok?

  • Sunflowers. They are so quietly cheerful, don’t you think?
  • M&Ms. I love to make cookies πŸͺ with those. Good excuse to buy them.
  • Pretty smelling soaps in the bathroom, with fancy towels. #cheapswank
  • New York, New York at Christmas time. πŸŽ„
  • Country music that is not about sleeping around or getting drunk. I love that one about breaking up and smashing her boyfriends car.
  • Bolt. Seen it 20 times. #mademeadoglover
  • Sinbad anything
  • Emma Thompson anything
  • Treasure Planet. Love that film. Gotta get off media here.
  • Getting through a hard time together…and finding out you’re one πŸ’ͺ strong hombre. ( #pandemic. #prodigals #mentalhealthstuff)
  • Tulips 🌷 🌷 🌷
  • Wendy’s 4for4$ on paydays
  • Cats laying in pools of β˜€οΈ β›… 🌞
  • Cowlicks
  • Fleece lined tights
  • Toesocks…funny ones
  • Inside jokes

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