Life with Q

Ugh Heartbreaking
Q ran away tonight! My man was out scouring the neighborhood for him.  scary!

Hubby just got in the door with him.  He’s updating his prayer group. I am too. Then I will blog this in case it’s helpful to someone else.  

We found out that
“Something told him” to borrow a phone and call us.  He was already in the next town over! #fast!

He told me “if I knew how this was going to turn out, i would have killed myself already”

Sounds like he’s definitely a hurting unit.

Hubby made Q take a shower 1st thing.`Been days. (just keepin’ it real, folks.)
Then he drank about 32 Oz of water.

He says he feels a ton better. #dehydratedwhoknew?

We talked about hospitalization. Last resort. But it’s there. My man told him that we didn’t want to, but we are ready to lock him up, if Q insists.

For now…We’ve decided to lock up all the guns, knives and pills .  Wait it out.  call the doctor again.  watch him in shifts ’til he’s stable.

I told him not to give up, that pharmaceuticals can be amazing. After all, feelings are basically an organic, chemical event charged mysteriously by your thoughts.

Those brain chemicals can be affected by substances for good or evil.  Lotta power there.

Brain chemistry ⚗

He has video and phone appointments next week with psychiatric folks to talk about meds and a therapist . 

Doc visit today; prescribed a blood pressure med (!) and a low dose sleep aid; he took his first dose. He is asleep! 2nd time in four days!

My sweetie is taking yet more time off work. 

His boss is unhappy about this, but he doesn’t really have a choice. Hubby has bucco PTO, as he never misses work. I’m not physically strong enough to handle all this by myself. (MS, heart disease)   So there ya go.  It’s not great, but it’s the hand we’ve been dealt right now.

They know Q’s unstable and they are moving as fast as possible. We’re not alone. The county crisis line and our doctors and the county mental health people have been amazing. We have friends and church and family on board. We are covered.

It takes a village.

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