Life with Q

Manic episode. Bad one. We have appointments, but we’re keeping him going until then.

I was sending an update to our prayer team, and I thought, this should go in my blog at WordPress.

I want to share the realistic sitch for people who are struggling with similar stuff.

I’m trusting that you guys have your phones silenced. It is 3 am.
I was just up with Q.  He says he cannot turn his brain off.  We gave him Tylenol pm, but he only napped.  

Twin brother gave up his bed so my man could sleep.  #suicidewatch

We think that all my natural stuff is not strong enough to change Q’s brain chemistry.  We think that all the hours of you tube searches for weeks and weeks have helped his brain chemicals to go worser. (I just made up that word. You’re welcome. In honor of this occasion. )

We’re still doing nutrition-exercise-Herbs-lighttherapy-superfoods-vitaminD-aromatherapy-essentialoils….but we’re ready to try pharmaceuticals for 6 months.  We want to see if his brain will reboot. Pray pray pray pray….

I worship You
Almighty God
There is none like You

I worship You
O Prince of peace
That is what I long to do.

I give You praise, for You are my righteousness.

I worship You
Almighty God
There is none like You.

Hubby an I just sang that to the Father.
We feel better. 

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