I was thinking with the Holy Spirit this 🌄 morning about excellence. What am I regarding as the focus of my existence? Where am I spending my time and energy? My resources?

Yeah, the Youversion devo today by Vance K Jackson was talking about our jobs–what we do for money…our career. I get that. It’s important for us because our treasure says where our heart is, right?

I think this is part of the answer for my feminine self. I’ve been one of those manipulative Rebekah-moms who will shoot herself in the foot and DIE for love–damnit, KILL THEM ALL for love!!!


“Just do what I say: GO AND GET THE GOATS 🐐 “

God was messing with this today during my morning sit. What has this dieforlove-kind-of-thinking gotten me and my 👪?!?

Crash and B-U-R-N, that’s what.

I want to get away from the supermom thing. …go for more other-centered-servant-hearted thinking.

Keep. My. Eyes. On. Jesus.


For me a job has just been a way to pay the bills. My hubby would resonate more with the career thing. BUT my ❤ has been with my kids. With giving them the childhood I never had. I think I’ve gone too far with this. (Shoot! I’ve been hearing since 7th grade “you try too hard.” And I haven’t known what to do with that. How do you stop trying too hard?)

Lord. You’re gonna be my one thing, not achieving supermom-hood. ❤ 💙 💜

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