Living sacrifice

I often wish this or that would have been different when I see folks who seem to have it all together. Whenever I have that wistful or nostalgic type feeling, I take that as my living sacrifice to Yahweh for that day, do you know what I mean?

“Jesus thank you for the choices I have made and the place I find myself this day. Here. Have my heart with all these good and bad choices that I have now to live with– I am giving it to You.”

I’m happy for those folks who made wise choices when they were young and are now in a good space.

But this is my row to hoe. I will give it my best shot and then God gets the rest.

He can be trusted with it.

I am mostly preaching to myself here, I guess. But it might help someone else too? It’s worth saying at any rate.

It says in Isaiah 61 that Jesus was anointed by the Lord to bind up broken hearts and to give a garment of praise instead of a spirit of heaviness, right ✅?

Here. Have my heart God.

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