Autoimmune stuff 💐

God has been helping me to reframe my illnesses. I am seeming to get worse in my physical body, that is a sure thing: but He is changing my outlook just as surely.

(How? I have no idea. But He has NO trouble getting His point across, does He? and I AM basically a captive audience – I’m mostly bedridden – so yeah. )

Obviously I’m lonely and bored and whatever…but I am learning to see this pain as basically the death throes of my darn flesh.

I am thankful for so many things! I make lists. (!)

I nokiddingtreasure all the quiet times with God and my Bible. (!!)

I’m changing, you guys. (!!!) Slowly, painfully and surely.


2 responses to “Autoimmune stuff 💐”

  1. Good morning Jenn, I always enjoy reading your messages that you write.
    You inspire me with your positive outlook even in your situation.
    In those trying time, we have no choice but to depend on God who is our creator.
    He is our motivation for life! His word brings healing and edifies.
    Thankful for you!! Blessings to you always☺️💞💃

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    1. Preach it! I appreciate you.


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