Regretfully yours 💐

I’ve made a lot of bad decisions. Especially as a parent,

3 am–I was just up hurting over this. Again.

Let me talk a little sense, here. Sound good? After all, I’m here to reboot my heart.

Change the way I think, and I change the way I feel and act, right?

Fact: I decided to forgive myself on May 16, 2021. Is that right? Last spring. ( My concept of time is very sketchy because of the things I’ve been through. I’m learning new skills.)

Ok so start there. That’s in the Bible. Just a sec….

Okay. I’m alert. So now what?

Humble –absolutely prerequisite. Nothing whatever can happen until I do this.

Cast – throw my cares at God. Leap of faith. Let it go. Trust him. Give myself permission not to care. I’ve done my repenting and ammends. Now I stop fretting, enjoy my life and wait for Him to do His thing.

Resist him. Standing firm in the faith. Set my stance. Brace my legs. Set my heart. Tighten my bun muscles. Put my hope in the word of God.

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