Ugh 🌼 🌸 ðŸŒ¼

I had an unpleasant argument with Q, our adult mentally challenged offspring…Talked him out of running away again, I hope.


Q wants to live in a hut that he pulls behind his bike (!) and be a street preacher.

Sigh. Not too fond of reality is our progeny.

In all fairness, Jesus was a street preacher. Sort of.

Got ALL SORTS OF stressed out and called my friend C to come have coffee ☕ 🙃 I HAD TO GET A BREAK AND TALK TO SOMEONE WHO a) IS A FULLY FUNCTIONAL ADULT AND b) LIKES ME.

C came and we went to McDonald’s for a coffee, then had a “car hike.” At sunset. It was beautiful.
She told me about her weird family and I told her about mine.
I felt better.

Parenting a mentally sick kiddo is hard, you guys!

I bet your stuff is hard too. ❤

germfreesociallydistantvirtualgrandma hug

Note: Q made an appointment with my other friend who is a social worker to fill out paperwork and the three of us are talking about adult foster care nearby.
Q needs some different support, obviously.

Ammendment to note: my MS is acting up now that the bombs are temporarily diffused. So…

I’m taking some ashwaganda and getting chamomile 🍵 and playing a cozy mystery and going to sleep!

“Sufficient for the day are the troubles therein” ….right?


Verse, just a sec…thanks Holy Spirit — I could NOT EVEN do this without You.

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