Christmas πŸŽ„ sucks sometimes

Christmas is over

Some of our kids didn’t call. No grandkid came.
Three family fights.

One major meltdown.
Resentful sullen offspring.

We got through it, glory to God.


The thing about having kids is:
Once you give birth, your heart is now OUTSIDE your body.

God knows this.

Look at what he said to Mary.  Through Simeon? That old guy who blessed Jesus when they went to give the firstborn offering, for baby Jesus, at the temple?

God gets it.

Let’s speak words of encouragement and support over each other, my friend.

We’re not alone. Other people hurt too. Maybe even you. ❀ me too definitely.

Life is not always easy, even in the western world, where we can often count on full bellies and a warm place by the fire.

Please pray for me and I’ll pray for you.

God’s the only one who can fix our families. (Well, with our effort too. I don’t want to think it’s magic and I don’t have to work. I made plans to start counseling on payday. I apologized a few times. I prayed. I am blogging (help someone else) and I took a nap 😴. )


Thank you Jesus for the good and the bad things in our lives.   We trust you. You’re our only hope.

Let’s go to bed and start over tomorrow, k? Heartfelt hug. πŸ’

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