Parenting disabilities 🌼

C CAME AND SAID SORRY YESTERDAY! she seldom does that.  Kind of a two year old understanding of relationships sometimes.  

It’s hard for her to put herself in the other person’s place and understand how they must be feeling after what she said or did. Come to think of it, that’s a very abstract skill we’re asking her to master.

It’s hard to parent someone with ACC (agenesis of the corpus collusum).  Sometimes she acts three and sometimes she acts 21! And don’t even get me started on PMS! 
Okay. Rant over, God. 

Thank You for making C the way she is.  I trust You.   Thank You Father that she’s going to church with us.  That she’s open to You.  That she said Sorry to me . That she loves her family.

I’ll take it.
I love You.  I believe You. 


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