Things. I. Love.

Papa thank You for the good and the bad things πŸ™ ❀ in our lives.

Thank you that the day is coming when all this hard stuff will be behind us and You will wipe away every tear from our eyes. And there won’t be any dyspraxia or loss or MS or pacemakers or people leaving us
Hold us PapaGod. This stuff is hard. We need You.
Give us a big hug.

I wish you peace dear friends.

I wish me peace:

Joy and meaning in our losses.

Thank You that we have You. You will never leave us our abandon us. Never.

In the meantime, thank You for:
Cold cereal
Baby mammals
Smile wrinkles
Parents who love ❀
Fresh bread
Fuzzy sweaters and slippers
Praying πŸ™ 🀲
Always discreet undies–just keepin it real
Shaving cream
Play dough
Queen Annes lace and wild sweet peas
Tea 🍡 β˜• πŸ«– πŸ§‹ any flavor or temperature
Good books

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