the other woman ðŸ‘ 

So many marriages are crashing and burning around us, have you noticed? Maybe you have experienced with this subject; I have. My first marriage was touched painfully by this issue. We were both young and broken. I forgive that. Be at peace, self. ❤️

don’t you just want to BE her? Photo by Evelina Zhu

i just woke up from a nightmare about infedelity. I went straight to God with it. Oh how I hate those feelings!

Actually, Mama Joyce was soooo helpful! (I’m doing a devotional by her at Youversion.) She wasn’t talking about infedelity, but the Holy Spirit applied what she was saying to that. (I love how He will just talk to me about anything I’m going through no matter where I’m reading. Thank You Jesus.)

The devo was about inviting God 🙏 in to whatever hard thing I’m going through. He will use whatever I’m going through for my good and the 🌎 s good.

Anything is raw material……. …..seriously.. … Anything.

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