Things I love

God, please reboot my heart. I’m worn out and sad.

  • I thank You for the following things:
  • Play dough. Opening up a new can. The. Smell. The squish factor. The bold, pure colors.
  • Online sermon in the early morning quiet. #insomniasilverlining
  • Current fave here:
  • Squirrels ~ I love how they stop and twitch their tails and look at you out of the corner of their eye
  • Glitter glue
  • Monet paintings
  • Keeping secrets
  • ocean surf
  • Tulips ~effortless, graceful, simple
  • Cleaning stuff with a toothbrush ~ little specks of dirt add up (instructive thought)
  • Getting rid of things
  • Playing an instrument ~ even a Harmonica or spoons, it just feels good to express your feelings
  • The artwork of Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, Robin Hood, and Treasure Planet~romantic in the full sense of the word
  • Adjectives, the pleasure of exactly the right word
  • Word Chums ~ I’m happydisabledmom , love changing their hairstyles and accoutre`ment
  • Tiny baby seedlings 🌱
  • Freshly popped kettle corn
  • Emma Thompson films
  • Enchanted April
  • CS Lewis anything (except That Hideous Strength. I do not like that work.)
  • Fuzzy socks, old sweats, pony tail, Freshly scrubbed face, hot beverage, Sunday crossword (freedom)
  • Not being on a diet (freedom)
  • Being over 50 (freedom)

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