Gethsemane lesson

Oh how I needed this today guys! 

Flashback nightmare last night. horrible. The shame. The regret. The feeling of powerlessness.

Been there?

I know better than to try the following:

*other people,

*distraction of the Mind,

*worldly pleasure  ( icecream, sex, drugs, rocknroll ) 

‘been there. Done that. Got the t-shirt. Doesn’t help.

So I came straight to God.

  In faith. 

Just kept rowing.

Finally.   Relief. 


Just this:

a few hours, me, the Holy Spirit and my Bible.

See, how desperate ♿ sick 🛌 is a gift? if I wasn’t in so much pain, I’d probably get bored and quit. Do my laundry or bake, probably.

He sees me. 

He knows. 

He was there.  He’s here now. 

He loves me anyway.  He’ll work it in to my plan for good. I can trust Him.

My ❤ s home.

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