Family Destiny 🌷

(Jesus help me say this well.



I just woke up from a dream. (I know, lame-o.  But just gimme a minute.)

It was multi-racial: I remember that much.

Lots of children.

There was scholarship awarded–to paint with a master artist.
I seemed to be both of my daughters sometimes. (πŸ’•one of my daughters doesn’t see us anymore–complicated dysfunctional reasons–so this was poignant.)

Our family was so excited when we won the scholarship!


We all were working, the children and me, with wide brushes over a chalked in design: think luminous purples…a  bunch of colors, though: more than I had ever seen.

It was lovely.

My family and I were all in a huge building with endless connected hallways.
I had bucco fun in my wheelchair β™Ώ Sailing down the halls with them.

It seemed to be all downhill: it was like flying!

I wanted to put my arms out like in that scene in the Titanic.

Then there was a bunch of scenes in the dream(??!)  with an infestation of cockroaches. (Represents evil?)

We got em. Every single one.


It was a huge team of related people.

All ages and colors.

Like heaven is going to be.

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