Household work

I don’t have to or get to do those Homely tasks anymore.

Which I Found So inescapable.

Which I often dreaded.

Which I now miss



heartbreakingly. 💔

which I took for granted

which made up So much of my self Concept

from which I found joy and utility and self worth.

I tell you sincerely:

Being sick for 10 years and

being confined to my bed for the most part

is very much like being in prison.

I gain much encouragement from Paul’s prison epistles.


cook food for my family

Plan menus

Grocery shop

make cookies

Bake bread

Home school children.

Buy our clothes

Stock our pantry

Stock our medicine cabinet

do laundry.

Clean toilets and tubs and sinks and floors

yard work

canning and freezing


Yard work

Wash dishes and wipe counters and stoves

Spring clean cupboards

Clean the fridge

Scrub the floor

Vacuum the carpets

Wash the car

Dust the shelves

Run family meetings

Make chore charts

I now get to :


Go potty

Bathe myself when I must

Talk when I can

Sleep as much as my dogs

maintain a marriage

and Pray some more

That’s it.

The bright side?

It’s very easy to find quiet time now.

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