Kicking b***, taking names

(from Day 15 of 21 of my first fast, re: unexplained depression)

Derek Prince on YouTube. ** Old, wise, dead guy from WW II.

Mr  Prince said that a feeling of darkness or depression can be part of the spiritual warfare of a fast. See it as a good sign. It means that you are becoming a concern to the devil and he is calling in extra forces to mess with you.

This teaching encouraged me to a surprising degree.

I guess I feel normal and explained now, ya know?

I am trusting

God the Father and

Jesus my Warriorprince and

the Holy Spirit who I don’t understand but I really appreciate and who is mysterious as heck..

that this fast can break the yoke of oppression over the McCoy line, like in Isaiah 58:6.
I need God’s help to keep my will sharp and focused and headed towards my goal of finishing my appointed fast

and then trust God that He’s gonna do all the other stuff with the thousandyearold demons and junk.


I try to speak out any scriptures or prayers that come to mind. I don’t know what else to do.

I feel kind of green.

It’s still just as hard to not eat, (I guess thats the point)

but I’m not worried about myself now

that I know now that it’s common to feel darkness during a big fast.


There is only one antidote to materialism: generosity. Every time you’re generous, you have a spiritual victory in your heart. Every time you’re generous, your heart grows. Every time you’re generous, you break the grip of materialism in your life. Why? Because materialism is all about getting — get, get, get, get! It is your nature to get and to hold on. God says every time you’re generous, you are breaking that grip and defeating materialism in your life.

–Rick Warren

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