Snap shots


​C and I just had such a lovely day you guys!

Instead of drama and mother – daughter power struggle…

We hung out and watched an Emma Thompson movie and ate gummy bears and talked.
Well …she ate gummy bears πŸ˜‰


My man and Boys and their friend. 

Went to throw a frisbee around at the park 

instead of Playing video games


I’m telling you 

God is changing things for the better in our family 

Since I discovered that 

Fasting is not completely weird

 for 21st century folks.

hubby and the kids are laughing and cooking dinner in the kitchen right now,

instead of fighting about chores or zoning out on their phones


my man is a believer now that he has seen the stuff God is doing

The dinner smells incredible

I want Jesus more than I want food.I want Jesus more than I want food.I want Jesus more than I want food….#justkeepinitreal

Day four of my 2nd 21 day fast

Bring it on Jesus!

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