Hope breath 

“…Here’s the best part.

“If you’re feeling particularly burdened by the destruction you’ve brought into your child’s world

“and believe the situation to be hopeless,

“you need to know a powerful truth:

“Your child’s life and outcomes at this point are not dependent on you. What happens from here on out is up to him(her).

“(S)He can actually go on to have a wonderful, adequate, even beautiful life, even if it is in spite of you. “


Is it weird that I feel so encouraged by this?

Probably. But there you are.


Parental guilt.

Hard part of my journey.

There’s stuff back there when I was in the worst of my addiction and undiagnosed mentally ill life….

That I would give anything

to make go away.

Deep breath.

I release myself. 🙏

Gotta learn to love my enemy—even when it’s me.


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