“…Here’s the best part.

“If you’re feeling particularly burdened by the destruction you’ve brought into your child’s world

“and believe the situation to be hopeless,

“you need to know a powerful truth:

“Your child’s life and outcomes at this point are not dependent on you. What happens from here on out is up to him(her).

“(S)He can actually go on to have a wonderful, adequate, even beautiful life, even if it is in spite of you. “


Is it weird that I feel so encouraged by this?

Probably. But there you are.


Parental guilt.

Hard part of my journey.

There’s stuff back there when I was in the worst of my addiction and undiagnosed mentally ill life….

That I would give anything

to make go away.

Deep breath.

I release myself. 🙏

Gotta learn to love my enemy—even when it’s me.


Hope breath 

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