Engaging Today’s Prodigal

by Carol Barnier

​”People with a passion for a particular ministry most often come with a burden born of a previous experience.

” It scars them, yes. But it also equips them in ways the unscarred cannot attain. 

“Ego check: Don’t ever get caught up in thinking you’ve thus done your child a favor by providing these scars that God can now use in miraculous ways. The harm you’ve done was never God’s wish. Your actions were still wrong. You’re fortunate that God’s actions are always right. 

“But this last bit of good news should magnify your hope and your prayers for your child.

 “Continue in your belief that his\her life can be beautiful. Pray that God will bless him\her with His artistry in her life. 

“Pray that he\she will be open to His voice and His profound desire to make something good out of her pain. 

“Pray. Pray. Pray. And you may yet see a miracle.”



The Absalom Club🌻

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