Carbs 🌾

I have seen some amazing things, which the Lord has done, in answer to my fasting and prayer for my kids. God is calling me to another fast for something specific. I have been fussing. Quite a bit. “I like food!”, my flesh is yelling! But do I like it more than healing and wholenessContinue reading “Carbs 🌾”

Thoughts on Shame🌻🌷🌻

So when we refuse to give up guilt and shame by believing in what He’s done for us, we’re essentially saying, “Jesus, I don’t think You did a good enough job, so I need to add my effort to try and make up for the mistakes I’ve made and get over this guilt.” Our wayContinue reading “Thoughts on Shame🌻🌷🌻”

Things I 💘

quiet forest morning sunshine while camping bubble bath 🛁 losing a headache after a nap Cat naps nature videos cool shady forest walks flushable wipes (just keepin’ it real) Portland skate park culture–whaaaaat? wise old black men with grizzled white beards, deeeep voice, white smile pipes cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting Thanksgiving feast pieContinue reading “Things I 💘”

When Mother’s Day hurts:

I had a nightmare about my children last night and was seeking comfort in the scriptures and worship. thankful for His kindfaithfulsteadysupportive presence. I am just going to offer something, because I know this is a hard day for lots of people as well. Motherhood has not been all that we thought it would beContinue reading “When Mother’s Day hurts:”