You deserve a break today?

I have a long and complicated relationship with food.

Food was the only accessible, cheap and socially viable method of comforting myself in a very chaotic and dangerous environment as a child.

I couldn’t safely ask for a hug or talk about my feelings, but I could say I was hungry.

Now in my fiftieth year, the Holy Spirit is starting to mess with this. We want more balance and self control in the area of food. I am all up in that!


Reboot my ❤



Feeling fussy.  MS relapse, I think. 

Time to remember.

  • Field of flowers
  • Lysol disinfectant–  lemon fresh scent
  • Cozy mystery, cup of tea, dog in my lap
  • Naps 
  • Fuzzy pink bathrobes
  • Hot rollers
  • Girl gossip, dishes and pie after Thanksgiving while the guys watch football
  • Curtains fluttering at the Windows
  • Cats laying in pools of 🌞
  • Frogs…who thought of that?  Genius
  • Slippers and coffee ☕
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Stand still 🌷👒🌻

We frequently don’t know what to do;

nevertheless, [the world, the devil, or the flesh] pressures us for answers that we don’t have.

[They try] to make us believe it is our responsibility to solve our problems 

when the Word of God clearly states

 that our job as believers 

is to believe

—not solve our problems. 

We believe,

and God works on our behalf

to bring answers

that meet our needs.

Joyce Meyer devo today

In a good way


Getting sick the last ten years has helped me with this.

I have a lot of practice waiting and trusting and listening in those ten years.

I’ll be honest: sometimes I hate it. It doesn’t seem to ever get easy for me to not be in control.

But over the years

as God keeps saying NO! to my request for physical healing,

I am changing.

I’m thankful.

Things I love 💘

(Jesus I need some help here. #primethepump)

I appreciate these things:

  • Dogs friendly ears
  • Babies that smell like milk
  • Cleaning with some good music on
  • The fuzzy hair that stands up on baby elephants heads
  • Ears– so many different kinds!
  • Fingernail polish
  • Tulips–so graceful and elegant
  • Soft chenille pillow cases
  • earl grey, hot
  • Captain Picard
  • Cool, green grass
  • Misty shores
  • Waterfalls

Thank You Jesus.  You did good. 🌷