Soul food

Remember that commercial for mountain dew?

Where the guy Is hot and tired

 And takes a drink of mountain dew 

and then, in his mind, falls into a huge lake of refreshing, cold water?

I remembered that commercial from the 80s when I was Thinking about this verse with Jesus.

I feel a sense of nostalgic longing, or burning in my soul.

Don’t you?

Like on the road to Emaus (luke 24) when the disciples asked each other– after Jesus appears, explains the scriptures to them, and then disappears –“we should’ve known it was Jesus because didn’t our hearts burn within us?”

I also remembered the verse in the song of songs that says refresh me with Apples and raisins for I am sick with love (song of songs 2)

also, the Bible talks about David and his warriors finding a survivor of the Canaanite raiders (Ziklag), who rode off with their stuff and their wives and children while they were gone. They find an Egyptian slave who was left for dead. He hasn’t eaten For days, and been sick with a fever, and the Bible says they gave him water and a cake of figs and he was refreshed and revived in his soul and could talk to them about which way the bad guys went. (1 Sam 30:11)

Thank you Father for your word that is meat and drink to my soul .


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