Lord God  our Father,No one gets to live on this earth without getting touched by injustice or betrayal.  No one. You know about injustice and betrayal–for certain. Two specific things come to mind that I am heartsore over: three betrayals within my own extended family system and/or neighborhood. I’m sorry for hanging on toContinue reading “Unfairness”

Beautiful Abstinence

It’s challenging to find balance when my addiction is a behavior that continues to be a necessary part of my life, don’t you find? It’s like with an eating addiction, you’re not ever going to stop eating. But you can find new ways to think and talk about eating. Sexual addiction has been my rowContinue reading “Beautiful Abstinence”

Silver lining 🌌

found another good thing which God hath accomplished by saying no ┗(•ˇ_ˇ•)―→ to my prayers for healing over the last ten years. There are things, you guys, which I have longed for in my marriage and parenting, and which no 👎 amount of good behavior, fasting, or constant prayer seemed to effect….. Drum roll please ….Continue reading “Silver lining 🌌”

Happy to be stuck with you

Do you ever wonder what Abigail and Nabal were really like? #Good story (I Samuel 25) I always thought she was a spineless, codependent wuss. But I think I might have misjudged her. Maybe she just believed in Nabal and loved him and he was her best friend and they had been through stuff together–births,Continue reading “Happy to be stuck with you”

Flip side 🌻🌷🌻

https://bible.com/bible/113/pro.12.18.NIVUK I found it! Another thing that getting sick for years has given me. At long last: the gift of silence Golden, beautiful Perfectly beneficial Exactly timed When I was a young woman, I was reckless and unstoppable with my words. Bull in a china shop. It served me well. “Well, it’s TRUE” was myContinue reading “Flip side 🌻🌷🌻”


https://bible.com/bible/113/rom.8.26.NIVUK First Known Use of Paraclete 15th century, in the meaning defined above History and Etymology for Paraclete Middle English Paraclit, Paraclyte, borrowed from Late Latin Paraclētus, Paraclītus “advocate, comforter,” borrowed from Greek paráklētos “advocate, helper, comforter,” an epithet of the Holy Spirit in the Gospel of John (as John 14:26), derivative of paráklētos, adjective, “called to one’s aid,” verbal adjective of parakaleîn “to call in, send for,Continue reading “Paraclete”