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on living in harmony:
The rule of modesty or propriety

“When, as often happens, they break it [the rule of modesty] defiantly, in order to shock or embarrass others,

they are not necessarily being unchaste;

but they are being uncharitable:

“for It is uncharitable to take pleasure in making other people uncomfortable.

” And I therefore regard the great relaxation and simplifying of the rules of propriety which has taken place in my own life time,

as a good thing.

“At its present stage, however, it does lead to

“an inconvenience:

“that people of different ages and different types do not all acknowledge the same standard, and we hardly know where we are.

While this confusion lasts,

I think that old (my mom)

or old-fashioned (me) people

“Should be very careful not to assume that

young or emancipated people (my kids)

are corrupt whenever they are, by the old standards, improper;

” and, by the same token

young people ought not to call their elders prudes or Puritans whenever they do not easily adopt the new standard.I

“A real desire to believe all the good you can of others and to make others as comfortable as you can
…Will solve most of the problems.”
C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity “Christian Behavior” chapter 1

Published by strawberry0043

i am married to my best friend. I love Jesus more than life. I have an autoimmune disorder. I have joyfully born five children and been pregnant with seven. I have a disabled child. I have a mentally ill family member who abused my child and lied about it. I have one prodigal child who I may never see again.💚 I enjoy dealing with life as it is, not as it should be.💚 I have been unhappily and happily married to one man since 1995 (thank heaven!) I want to encourage💚 share hope in my world💚 Remind us and equip us to live in this difficult century. 💚June 2020

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