white picket fence


We’ve all got ’em.

That’s why first love and heartbreak infamously hurts so much.

Everyone who’s older than third grade knows this, right?

When my first husband left me, back in my early twenties, it wasn’t his physical presence that I missed.  That sucked monkey giblets: don’t misunderstand…

but honestly, I didn’t even like him.

 You know what I mean? He was an compulsively unfaithful alcoholic with control issues.

There’s no way I was missing that.

I mean, c’mon.

It was the dream of building a life together.  

That’s what hurt to lose.

Raising children together.  

Growing old together.

My white picket fence.

So What’s my point here?

Well, I was just thinking about this stuff with Jesus:

and you know what?

He’s bigger than that dream.

The happiness that I am discovering now,

as I walk with my Father:





I am content.

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