I just heard our adult disabled daughter clear her throat loudly AGAIN. 

It is 1:36 am.   

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease. (GERD.)

She has been doing this throat clearing thing about six times an hour
For days.
No, probably weeks.

I’m not sure.

Poor darling.  She can hardly sleep at all.

Chinese water torture.

My heart is broken and sore and tired of suffering with her too.



I found her weeping in front of the toilet 

where she had just been trying to throw up again. 

 With her face in her hands.  

I didn’t know what to do besides pray.  

So I did.

We’ve already tried banana, chamomile, honey, Apple cider vinegar, sipping hot liquids, real yogurt.

We contemplate trying dandelion root, turmeric, ginger, Zanex.

but meanwhile…here we are


God, You know about this.
You have measured the weight of it on our tired shoulders.  

Held our hair away from our faces as we vomit for the umpteenth time. 

 Walked the floor with us at night. 

 When well-meaning others don’t get it.

When we ask, “Why?”

God, my daughter wonders if You answer prayer. 

Both my girls do.  All their friends do.

Show Yourself powerful and empathetic and wise.

Show Yourself present and kind and steady.

All the things You have shown me through suffering.

We need a Father right now.

2 responses to “Wings ”

  1. Has your physician recommended limiting your daughter’s food intake prior to bedtime? I have GERD; and that was my doctor’s recommendation. You may wish to consult with the doctor again.

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    1. Thank you for the helpful suggestion! I will mention that to my daughter. Our doctor appointment is on the 6th.

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