Christmas exhausted

I think that there is a natural and inevitable emotional let-down after a big event like Christmas.

Don’t you agree, my friend?

Wisdom says that there is a law of undulation at work in the 🌎.  Ebb and flow.  High followed by low followed by another high.

I want to give space for that in my life.

Meanwhile I still have:

Donuts with sprinkles

Little baby plants.  You know, even weeds are cute when they are little.  Instructive thought.  Look sometime.  You have to get down close.  #gardenerslesson

Clean sheets after a hot 🛁

Epsom salts with lavender

Beach combing

Books 📚 #cheaptreasurehunt

Smile wrinkles

Play do

Play do for grownups: bread dough


Smell of baking 🍞

Fuzzy socks

Yoga mats


Christmas cheer

Cup of tea, dog at my feet, cat 🐱 on the back of my chair, good book, warm afghan, crackling 🔥

Breathe.  Recharge…..🌻

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