Choleric + phlegmatic = 🎇🎉🎆

We have always had a very matriarchal home.

Both of us had bossy moms and invisible dads, bless them:
So go figure.

I have been praying my GUTS out about this for ten years or so. Since I got sick anyways.

Both of us are out of balance, you know? It feels yucky.

So I saw a little piece of my answer the other day. 🌻

we’ve both been going to counseling for years. (SERiously messed up.)

yeah, So…

Hubby planned (!) a Christmas tree thing for us.
He made sure we all went.(!!)
We had fun. (!!)

We did not fight. (!!!)

It was so great.

**We went and got a Christmas tree

** listened to fun music

**bought trimmings at Walmart.

It was a beautiful day.

Then we came home and I collapsed (health) and Dillon and the kids fixed up the tree. 🌻

me getting sick has been a great gift for our marriage,

(though it’s like to kill both of us. Yikes!)

If a man is going to have the chutzpah to lead, a woman has to have the chutzpah to LET him, you know?

That kind of change takes an act of God and a little courage. (Read chutzpah\faith).


It’s a two-way street.

Either way, toward good or bad right?

so…Christmas shopping. Yeah.

My heart is full of that memory. 🌻

Our first family trip on which we did NOT fight.


I should blog this. (I just did, right?)

I’m not the only

bossy woman

who loves God

married to

a timid man

who also loves God.

He loves my spunkiness.

I love his laid-back-ness.

We can work with this.

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