Put it in my pipe and 🚬 it

“….Something Perfectly new in the history of the universe had happened: Christ had defeated death.

The door, which had always been locked, had, for the very 1st time, been forced open.

This is something quite distinct from mere “ghost survival”.

I don’t mean that they [ the early disciples] disbelieved in “ghost survival”. On the contrary, they believed in it so firmly that, on more than one occasion, Christ had had to assure them that He was not a ghost.

The point is

That while believing in [ghost] survival

They yet regarded the resurrection

as something totally different and new.

The resurrection narratives are not a picture of survival after death

They record how totally new mode of being has arisen in the universe….

As new as the 1st coming of organic life

This man, after death, does not get divided into ghost and corpse…

A new mode of being has arisen–

That is the story”

The Search for God by CS lewis, edited by Lesley Walmsley, emphasis mine

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