First thanksgiving after ______

So it’s going 👌 okay!

I think that– as with many scary things– the anticipation is much worse than the actuality.


__________ Is not here and the future looks uncertain…

However, I do still have

  • ☔ Washed pavement
  • Mrs Pollifax novels. Current fave: Mrs. Pollifax  on the China Station Read by Barbara Rosenblat very important
  • Dogs happy grins with their tongues hanging out 
  • Fuzzy blanket
  • Turkey dinners with 
  • mashed potatoes 
  • cranberry sauce
  •  green beans
  •  rolls
  •  stuffing
  •  sweet potatoes 
  • and two kinds of pie
  • Discreet Underwear by Always – THANK YOU JESUS (just keepin it real, folks)
  • Honeysuckle
  • Old jokes
  • Aretha Franklin music
  • House Guest with Sinbad top ten movie for me
  • Sun comes out
  • Spring comes again
  • Presidential terms are only four years
  • My church egroup @
  • Good counselors
  • Calico and plaid

Just reminding myself.

Other people have gotten over their kids wigging. Other people have gotten over their kids dying or killing themselves. I can do this too.



Let God do His healing work.

We’re gonna be ok. 🌻

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