Discouraged 😞

Marriage stuff. Kid stuff. Finance stuff.


“Time for one of my little lists”. Elizabeth Peters

  1. 🌻 sunflowers.  They are so friendly.
  2. Babies fresh from their bath, footie pjs on, tired and ready for bottle and story.
  3. Elephants. I love their four baggy-trousered legs.
  4. My calm patient collie’s liquid brown gaze.  #oldsoul
  5. Clean sheets. Clean nightie.  Clean self.  New book. Time for bed.
  6. Lavender bath salts
  7. Quiche with cauliflower
  8. Out of the Silent Planet by CS Lewis
  9. My adult disabled child’s Disabled People group online.  It has been keeping her happy and cared for during this pandemic
  10. Abuelita brand hot chocolate.  With almond milk. Yum.
  11. Coffee dates with my daughter and grandson 🌷

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