• Tea light candles
  • plumeria or honeysuckle scent
  • Looking out the early morning window to see that it has snowed
  • Fresh cut flowers
  • Guitar 🎸 music
  • Sugarless chocolate 🍫 (be careful–its laxative)
  • Drive to the coast
  • Cozy mysteries – current fave Sister Agatha and Father Selwyn
  • Dusting and making order and beauty
  • Really sharp chef knives
  • Sound of kids playing
  • Sparkly gel pens
  • Emma Thompson anything
  • Aquariums
  • The ocean 🌊 any season
  • Naps in a puddle of 🌞 sunlight
  • Muppets
  • Bob Ross The Joy of Painting

Things i love

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