Things I love

Dawn dish soap bubbles

Tails and ears: ever notice how much personality is there?

Skinny mochas: I don’t drink them but I love the name

Discovering a new genre__Cozy mysteries!__current fave “Muzzled” with Andy Carpenter

Dancing to Nat King Cole’s “Unforgettable”

….with hubby.

… my wheel chair. I love when he spins me.

Naps with my three dogs taking up the whole bed.

Cups of fragrant steaming tea

“Enchanted April” if you get a chance, watch it!

Cooking with loud 80’s music blasting

Early Beatles music

The smell of Old Spice aftershave on on my hubby’s neck after he showers

Clean swimming pools and towels

Thank You God. I love 💖 You back.

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