Things to love

YouVersion rocks it again
  • The sound of an air plane buzzing in the distance
  • Smell of baking bread
  • Homemade tacos, any kind
  • Fortune cookies after Chinese food
  • My husband’s bald head and friendly smile
  • Shakespeare and Hathaway, on BBC
  • Celery, english toffee, dry fall leaves, corn chips, dry snow…crunchy things
  • Cups of fragrant, steaming tea
  • The smell of new tires
  • Taking dinner to a sick friend
  • Giraffes…comical and gangly
  • Magic School Bus with Ms Frizzle
  • Red hair and green eyes
  • Toe socks

Trust that they listened 🌻

​Giving input to them should be asked for and not just given to them at every turn. They are trying to establish themselves as an adult, and if you’ve invested in them as a child, trust they listened.

-From my YouVersion devo Empty Nest 

I love this advice.


🌻 self-hatred

This has been one of the strangest parts of my recovery.


The longest lived.

I don’t think I am the only one.

I don’t have to cut myself or do meth or some obviously malevolent action to express my ill wishes toward me.  Though self-harm and drug use are real problems for some of us; we can find more subtle ways to be mean.  It’s a thing.

I doubt I am the only one. Right?
I have absolutely refused myself aid and forgiveness many times.

I have made self-destructive choices: whether it’s

  • bingeing on sugar
  • refusing myself exercise
  • staying up past my bedtime
  • Not dressing warmly when It’s cold (there’s more to that than it seems)
  • Denying myself good food (because we have to save that for ___)

It’s like I have wanted to punish myself for being abused, for being weak, for betraying myself, especially for being a bad mom.  (That one hurts!)

I’m my 50th year, I think I am finally gonna defeat this Goliath.  At least do some SERious damage.

It’s time for a rematch. 🌻

God give me one thing

by which

I can do good

to myself


Time to make myself a cup of tea ☕ and partake of some yoga.  I like this one:  yoga for sciatica with adriene

because I can do the exercises from my bed.  #baby steps

Be well my friend.

Let us all be well.  Even folks who have ________ and regret it soooo much .🌻