And I’ll stand on that.

  1. My Higher Power
  2. 12 Step group.
  3. Celebrate recovery.
  4. Working my program.
  5. Accountability.
  6. I Peter 5:17.
  7. Forgiveness

That’s what has finally


for me

after thirty years

of fighting

with this bad boy.

I was telling my best friend\hubby person–

I suddenly realized.the other day….

it’s been 10 years

of abstinence

from my addiction du jour.

  • There was a season
  • when I did the CR meeting
  • and 12 step group
  • and personal inventory

Hard struggle.
Then we built the house and learned about that. Then I got really sick and tried to die. Still doing that one.

    It sort of snuck up on me, you know?

    #too busy living.

    There was a time.

    I remember it vividly.

    When I told my counselor

    I cannot live without this thing.I cannot imagine going even one day without this thing! 🌻

    I have learned

    how to have

    a bad feeling

    in a healthy way.

    ( Oxymoron?)

    I am a free woman.

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