Ok. Down to brass tacks here.

Doesn’t every girl want a knight in shining armor to come and sweep her away?






I mean, right?

One of the hardest things about growing up

is the crushing let down when you realize that your Dad\boyfriend\husband ISNT ALL THAT AND A BAG OF CHIPS. (as my sweet oldest girl would say)

Am I tellin’ the truth?

Let down from life

I was thinking with God

about this fact of life

as part of my devotions today.

I want to share something with you gals. I’m actually kind of busting to say this.

I canNOT hold it in

Something God showed me during my third trip through a twelve step small group during my forties.

Looking for some abstinence regarding my addiction du jour.

Doing my 5th step homework and listening to an old song. Remember Karate Kid from the 80’s?

I am the man

Who will fight

For your honor.

I am the hero you been dreamin’ of…”

I was like, Jesus, I want to look at hubby like that. I want to see all this strength and tenderness in his eyes as he gazes at me with love....


all I see looking back at me is an insecure lost boy with authority issues who plays video games incessantly and wants stuff from me.

If I can even get his attention for thirty seconds!

It was like Jesus totally GOT IT and said,

“That’s how I feel about you. I am the Man who will fight for your honor, girl. I’ll be the Hero you been dreaming of.

I know.

“Sometimes hubby will get it, but mostly he’s a bundle of needs and insecureness just like you.

“That’s his stuff. I know about it. You’ve got stuff too: but I am telling you now:

“Look right here, babe. I got whatcha need. I will live and die for you. You can trust me to be Your Man.”

Safe in Jesus’ arms

And I’ve never listened to a love song the same way again.

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