Blogs ROCK 🎸pretty much

first, I have been walking through the hardest time I’ve ever known the last ten years or so. Ugh. I feel like Mrs Job sometimes!

So many tears and sleepless flashback-ey nights (is that a word?) and lonely achey broken-heart and whatnot. You know the drill.

I got so desperate that I had to start a blog for myself (and hopefully others too, but honestly that did not really occur to me until the last year or so. I was just desperate for encouragement myself. #surviVal

–I am by far my best follower, and that’s okay. (💰 where my 👄 is.) But if I can help other PEOPLE, that is ESPECIALLY when I start to love it.

My friends and family cannot carry me. I found that out at about six months of being sick. They cannot babysit me. Would I really want them too? It would kind of spoil it.

NOT that I don’t think they’re all FABulous, cause they are and I totally do.


So here I am.

And my psychological issues are so monumentally difficult for me that I need to remind myself and re-center many times each day. My blog let’s me do that.

—I don’t think my life is any harder than yours, btw, it’s just mine you know? I bet some of you could tell stories that would top mine by about ten miles.—

I named my blog REBOOT MY HEART because that’s what I need to do. 🌻 and maybe I’m not alone.🌻

Me and God are determined to break my family cycle of ritual abuse and witchcraft and mental illness and crime and depression and anxiety…

…for the sake of my children and their children and their children. (God enabling me, of course. )

Know what I mean? I mean with you’re own stuff.


We need YOU.

come. 🌻

Fill us and

light up our world 🌎

You are amazing God. We are comPLETELY in love with YOUR gentle, kind, wise ways. 💕🌻🌷😁,

What would we do if You were a jerk? Umm…you’re GOD.

But You’re not. A jerk, I mean. 😍

Show Yourself strongly to me and my friends and help us all to believe in fairy tales and poetic justice and happy endings again.

Like my main man CSlewis said,

Some things are just too good NOT to be true.🌻

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