Birthday πŸŽ‚

​I want to learn to be satisfied. 🌻

As I head in to my 50th year on August 14th of 2020,

I have what the Lord has given.

My basically happy, hard-working marriage.

My five (plus one triplet and another son in heaven) beautiful children.

My prodigal son who (whom?) I miss every single day.

My dead parents who tried so hard to be good and very occasionally even succeeded.

My basically cozy home that hubby and I have built.

Our all-important friendships with God that we have both invested EVERYTHING in.

My splintery autoimmune disease.

My sputtering-out heart.

My special needs kiddos.

My beloved brother, who has hurt me about as badly as humanly possible.

My kind, faithful πŸ•s who are totally like I want to be when I grow up.

This is my life.
I want to be joyful in it and have contentment in it. 🌻

I am thankful.

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