Reboot my ❤

Things to love
  • That I don’t have to drive ever again. Dr said so. I violently dislike driving. Have since I started getting sick.
  • Sleep. Beautiful thing. Lifelong insomniac. I’m gonna have “she finally got some sleep” cut in to my grave stone.
  • sorry or I love you. Not sure which feels better. Tough call.
  • Old Dallas Cowboys. Remember Emmit Smith, Michael Irvin and Troy Aikman? Like a well-oiled machine my friend. Poetry in motion.
  • That I am not related to my cranky\bitter\bossy neighbor-lady. Yes! I only have to be kind to her for 15 minutes at a wack, then she goes home to her family.
  • Pastries from the Hispanic panaderia by my bank. Love em. Not so sweet, but super messy and flakey
  • Light switches–genius
  • Getting dressed up
  • Sunday morning coffee and pastries with the fam
  • Making tortillas. Super easy recipe. Keeps in the fridge forever.
  • Heather
  • Finding a new author
  • Watching rain fall from my warm, dry living room with a cuppa
  • Dog 🐶 sneezes. Funny and endearing.

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